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Savannah cats 101.

The Savannah cat breed was brought out by a woman addressed as J. Frank, out of the conjugation of an African Serval cat and a domestic cat. This is how was born the 1st Savannah cat which was named Savannah. This happened in 1986. Mrs Frank's cat engaged a cat lover named P. Kelley, who actually purchased one of Savannah's kittens because he had been active in exotic looking domestic cats for a number of years. Mr Kelley liked his cat so much that he took upon himself to make the Savannah breed an official breed of the official feline registry. He then made it his mission to call upon Serval cat breeders and prompt them to produce this new exotic cat breed growing out of the union of a Serval cat and a domestic cat: the Savannah cat.

It took about ten years for him to achieve official Savannah cat breed standards that were recognized by the TICA.

Physical aspects of a Savannah cat.

The Savannah cats are one of the largest breeds of domestic cats acquirable. This is magnified by how tall and slim they are much more than their weight itself.  The closer the Savannah cat is to it's African ascendent, the African Serval, the larger the cat usually is. For example, F1 Savannah cats (1st generation after the conjugation with a Serval cat) and F2 Savannah cats (second generation from the Serval), are usually the largest. As it is often the case in nature, male Savannah cats are commonly bigger than females.

Understanding the F Savannah cats families.

Since the Savannah cat breed is made out of the pairing of an African Serval cat and a domestic cat, the generations of these cats all bear a number. For instance, the cats raised directly from a Serval/domestic cat cross are the F1 generation, and they are typically 50% serval. After the F5 Savannah cats, the purest Savannah cat one can find is an Sbt Savannah cat.

If you are considering reproduction of Savannah cats, as a hobby or as a professional Savannah cat breeder, you should be careful that most males are sterile until the third (F3 Savannah) . This can also be the case in F3 Savannah males and F4 Savannah males. The F5 Savannah male cat is much less likely to suffer from infertility. This is why males are normally much less costly than females which are not afflicted by this problem and can reproduce from the first generation (F1 Savannah).

Savannah personnality characteristics.

It is unremarkably said that Savannah cats resemble dogs because they are known for their loyalty and also like to greet their owners at the doorway or follow them all over the home like most dogs like to do. Savannah cats can even be educated to walk on a leach or fetch as can be seen on numerous videos on YouTube.

A Savannah cat which has been exposed to children, other animals and strangers while young commonly makes an excellent companion as it will use it's playful nature to enter in cross species relationships. Another common impression emanating out of Savannah cat owners is how intelligent these cats are as well as how developped their aptitude to jump is developped.

Savannah cats aren't afraid of water. Actually, many owners say that the only way to not get their cat to share the shower or bath tub is to shut the door.

Health considerations in the Savannah cat population.

Savannah cats being hybrids, they enjoy the health strenghts of both races while their weaknesses seem to be diminished as, so far, there are no diseases which are found in most Savannahs.

A rule of thumb is that, there has been consistent observations by Savannah cat breeders that the Savannah cat doesn't respond well to anesthesia containing Ketamine. This substance should, as much as possible be avoided if a surgery were to become necessary for your Savannah cat.







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